Living Your Raw Truth with Kelsey Moreira  

Session Description:

Kelsey Moreira, founder & fearless leader of Doughp, a mission-driven dessert brand best-known for its raw cookie dough, shares her journey through addiction recovery & entrepreneurship. A Forbes 30 Under 30 and two-time Shark Tank alumni, Kelsey delivers the inside scoop on her inspiring story and leaves you feeling ready to go out and grab life by the horns! Kelsey will end her discussion with an interactive networking exercise, so get ready to get raw and real with fellow attendees!


Stage introduction:

Kelsey Moreira is a wildly passionate entrepreneur & addiction recovery advocate. She is the founder & fearless leader of Doughp, a mission-driven dessert brand best-known for its raw cookie dough. Given her personal journey into recovery, Kelsey formed the Doughp4Hope initiative to break the stigma around mental health & addiction recovery. She's a Forbes 30 Under 30 and a two-time Shark Tank alum, please join me in welcoming Kelsey Moreira.



Session can be adjusted to run from as little as 20 minutes up to 60 minutes (includes Raw Truth Game interactive exercise).

Optional: 10-15 minutes may be added for audience Q&A


  • Melissa Campanelli, Co-Founder, Women In Retail

    "Kelsey Moreira was a keynote speaker at our Women in Retail Leadership Circle "On the Road" event in Dallas recently and she blew us away! Such a great, authentic speaker with a fascinating story to tell. Her story of founding Doughp and being an advocate for mental health in the workplace and beyond is so inspiring. Plus she is great to work with and a lot of fun. I'm so happy to be connected to her and looking forward to what she has up her sleeves next!"

  • Dillon Davidson, Nevada Department of Agriculture

    “Upon meeting Kelsey, I was left amazed and awe by her powerful story. How her sobriety journey led to this incredible cookie dough company! I was hosting the North American Agricultural Marketing Officials Conference in Reno in July 2023; instantly reached out to see if she would be our keynote. She said, yes! Kelsey arrived, gave the presentation with that heart-stealing smile, gave her keynote, and just like me the first time I met her, the audience was left amazed and at awe. Her story is powerful, life-changing, and inspiring. We can do anything as long as we put the work in.”

  • Lori Windfeldt, Founder & President, Dry Society Social Club

    "From the moment Kelsey took the stage, it was evident that she was a true expert in her field. Her delivery was confident, engaging, and entertaining, and her knowledge and experience shone through in every word she spoke. What impressed me most about Kelsey was the ability to connect with the audience. It was evident that she cared deeply about delivering a top-notch presentation and went above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the audience felt engaged and inspired. Her knowledge, experience, and engaging delivery style make them a true asset to any program, and I have no doubt that she would leave a lasting impression on any audience."

  • Jennifer Dipasquale, President & Co-Founder, Women In Retail

    "Kelsey graced our stage as our opening keynote and simply crushed it! She is inspiring, relatable and has clear takeaway learnings not to mention an interactivity component. She’s everything you want rolled into one great speaker!"

  • Kerry Lange, Director of Operations, Reimagine

    "Her boundless energy and strong entrepreneurial drive are nicely complemented by her desire to inspire others with her journey."

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