One decision can change your whole life.

One decision can change your whole life.

I stepped off the stage yesterday glowing!

I really had to pinch myself. I'm just so damn grateful for where the flow of life is leading me.

I've always loved to public speak - even since I was a little girl. I'd be the narrator for school plays, enter poem reading competitions, and happily handling the presentation portion of a group project.

On September 14th 2015, I thought my life was falling apart. I had no idea I'd be getting on stages to share the painful story of that very day (and the years that led up to it) to hundreds of strangers.

One decision really can change your whole life.

I know sharing my story will help inspire so many others to go after what they want in life, commit to being the best version of themselves, and to continue working on it every. single. day.
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